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25' Tall Air Powered
USA Tubie

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 Air Dancers, Sky Dancers, Tube Dancers & tube dudes

Air Dancers can add excitement to your promotion.
They are a great way to attract attention.

We offer many stock shapes and sizes to choose from and can create custom air dancers as well.

All Air Dancers and Sky Dancers can be ordered with or without a powerful Air Vortex
™ fan. The two legged air dancers use two fans.

Please scroll down to review all of the
air powered dancers that we are currently offering.

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Air Powered Air Dancer Styles

One Leg

9', 15' & 18' Tall Sizes Available
For Prices & Info Click Here

Two Legs

9', 12, 18' & 28' Tall Sizes
For Prices & Info Click Here

9', 20, 30', 35' & 55' Tall Sizes
For Prices & Info Click Here

Air Tickler Sky Dancers
Air Tickler Sky Dancer Photo
18' & 28' Tall Sizes Available

For Prices & Info Click Here
Crazy Multi-Tubes

9' Tall - Fan Powered
For Prices & Info Click Here
Fire Dancers

18' & 34' Tall Sizes Available
For Prices & Info Click Here

Cell Phones

5' & 9' Tall Sizes Available
For Prices & Info Click Here

5' & 9' Tall Sizes Available
For Prices & Info Click Here
Custom Air Dancers

Info and Prices Click Here
Arrow Dudes

8', 12' & 15' Tall Sizes Available
For Prices & Info Click Here
Logo Dudes

12' Tall - Fan Powered
Info and Prices Click Here

Air Vortex Fan
Every Air Dancer comes with this high performance fan. It will work with all types of air dancers including skydancer, air puppet and fly guy brand dancing inflatables. We have used this fan with 40 foot fabric tubes and 100 foot polynex tubes. The vortex design spins the air in a circular motion around the outside of the dancer holding the shape and dancing motion better than any other type of fan. The very low noise and adjustable speed allows you to use this fan indoors for tradeshows or events.
Different Air Dancers can be easily swapped on a single fan, making it possible to periodically change Air Dancers for different promotions and use the same fan over and over.


• Heavy Duty Impact Resistant Housing
• High Output With Low Noise
• Fan Dimensions: 18" Dia. x 22" Tall
• 2/3 Horse Power Electric Motor
• Adjustable Speed
• 110 & 120 Volt Models
• Adjustable Stand
• Weighs 44 lbs.

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Customer Service

Customers We Serve
We pride ourselves on our ability to handle a diverse range of projects and customers, from a special event at an elementary school to trade show giveaways for a major corporation. We have Promo Items for everything.

Over 250,000 Items Available For Custom Decoration! If you can't find it. Contact Us!
For ideas, assistance and ordering call toll free.


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